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CareerSearch for College Career Centers

Comprehensive information on almost 5 million potential employers

CareerSearch provides fast Web access to almost 12 million key contacts, including: company descriptions, addresses, names, titles and many e-mail addresses. It lets you offer remote or career center access to current, accurate content with powerful, intuitive search capabilities.

A versatile tool for students, counselors, alumni and faculty

Your students -- whether undergraduates or graduates, whether they're in fine arts or business, or engineering, or non-profits -- can use CareerSearch to find extensive information on organizations from advertising to healthcare, manufacturing, technology and many others.

This isn't the information they will see on job boards or in the newspaper. It's the kind of content that will help them discover hidden opportunities in many professions in organizations around the country.

Right now, many campus career centers are offering CareerSearch to research professionals, faculty, administrators, and alumni where it's winning high praise as a networking and research tool.

The latest and most accurate content

Unique in the career information industry, CareerSearch brings together content from dozens of recognized providers. Each provider is known for its accuracy, breadth of content, data integrity and timeliness. This means all users spend less time sorting through old or inaccurate information and more time concentrating on finding the best possible positions.

The right information, right now

CareerSearch offers an intuitive user interface that lets students and alumni specify a broad range of search criteria to find valuable potential opportunities. Counselors, students, or research professionals are in complete control of the information and can search by industry, geographic region, city, company size, key words and even competitors.

To speed and simplify the search and contact process, CareerSearch results are downloadable in a format that works with virtually every leading word processor, spreadsheet, database, or contact management program.

Flexible pricing options

At CareerSearch, we recognize that every college and university has unique needs and requirements. In response, our pricing plans are based on enrollment. Regional editions also let you deliver the most valuable, up-to-date information to your students and alumni.

To find out more about our custom pricing plans, to speak with an account representative or to request a free trial, call (888) 267-0321.

Or to e-mail us, click here.